Candidates should only register to take the final practical assessment when they have:

  • performed and logged the appropriate number of scan examinations
  • completed the eLearning modules on the Society's learning portal
  • had their Supervisor sign off their competency assessment form, and this has been uploaded to the learning portal

All candidates will be required to attend a practical assessment within 24 months of registering. 

How to register 
Details of how to register for the practical assessment can be found on the Association of Anaesthetists website.

The assessment
All candidates will be required to bring a physical copy of their scan logbook. 

The assessment will consist of three components:

  1. Completion of logbook - In this section the quality of the candidate’s logbook reports will be assessed. The logbook should not contain any confidential information. The presence of confidential information will lead to the rejection of the document.

  2. Simulator-based assessment - Candidates will be asked to perform a focused TOE exam with a simulator under direct observation by the examiner. The candidate will be given a clinical scenario and will be required to obtain the eight (8) views in 15 minutes. The candidate will have five (5) minutes to generate a report, and the examiner will ask questions on specific views.

  3. Clinical case-based discussion - This final stage involves a discussion around a clinical case. The examiner will choose and share fTOE examination images for the discussion. The candidate must demonstrate understanding of physiology, indication for focussed TOE and interpretation of echo finding related for the specific case discussed.

There will be a minimum of two opportunities to attend this practical assessment per year, starting from the end 2022.


Locations many vary and can be found on the Association of Anaesthetists website . 

The practical assessment prices apply to both Society and Association members. 

  • £200 Members 
  • £300 Non Members