The pandemic has a lot to answer for. It has rocked the heart of the community, our lives and our world.

I was sitting at the ICU workstation one evening when an email came through, inviting expressions of interest for a ski-mountaineering challenge. Without another thought, I applied, and here I am……

I’m absolutely thrilled, delighted (and just a lot nervous) to be chosen to join ‘Team Z-V 2022’. 

As a Consultant in Intensive Care, I have been amazed and grateful for the resilience, support and teamwork I’ve had around me. But I know only too well that the last 18 months have taken an enormous toll on us, more so on some than others. For me, physical, emotional and mental health go hand in hand together; and I know I’m a better mum, wife, daughter, clinician and friend when I work at them. So the chance to raise funds for the ‘Intensive Care Society’ & ‘Doctors in Distress’ comes as an incredibly exciting, personally rewarding, yet enormously challenging opportunity.

I know my colleagues on the Board of The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine are right behind us in their support. We are collectively united in the determination to look after each other, our wellbeing and our amazing workforce. I hope you will support me in fulfilling my personal challenge, and dig deep to help us achieve our target.

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