Inspired by the Billy Connolly line “…how does the person who drives the snowplough get to work…” who helps those who help the rest of us? 

Well, Doctors in Distress and the Intensive Care Society are two organisations who are committed to helping healthcare workers whenever they need support.

When I heard about this project it seemed like a great opportunity to get involved and do something positive to help those in some small way who help the rest of us.

We all rely on those in healthcare, more often than not when we, or those close to us need them most. This was more than highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic but also by a recent case of terminal illness of a Family member. Health care workers seem to be there, providing unfaltering support and care no matter the circumstances and without any hesitations, remaining calm on the surface and letting us easily forget that they are only human, too.  Who like everybody might need support to help them deal with the challenges their job throws at them so that they can carry on helping the rest of us.

Primarily a resort skier, recent forays into the backcountry have opened my eyes to the experiences that brings. The event will present plenty of physical and mental challenges without the security of any infrastructure. In addition to skiing I enjoy mountain biking locally and overseas.  Working in the Renewable Energy sector, gives plenty of opportunities to get outdoors.

By joining this challenge, I hope that I can raise awareness and support the medical professionals when they require support to continue providing the level of health service we all take so easily for granted and try to help keeping the snowplough drivers get to work.
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