We recognise the potential and actual effects of working in intensive care, on the welfare and mental health of staff and the value of supporting staff of intensive care units in mitigating these impacts.

We are delighted to release our Strategic Framework for Peer Support which outlines the core principles and values for supporting people affected by incidents and adversity at work, the nature of stressors experienced at work, the strategic intent of supporting intensive care staff within which peer support sits, and then outlines the Peer Support Framework in its principles, values and structure for safe delivery.

Our vision is to provide an evidence-based framework for supporting all members of staff who work in critical care, and a training programme to support its implementation. Peer support is one element of supporting staff in intensive care. Peer support offers a systematic, strategic approach to intervening to sustain staff who are coping well and to provide initial support those who are struggling.

We thank 
Professor Richard Williams and Verity Kemp for their help in developing this framework.