Core Ultrasound in Intensive Care (CUSIC) is a modular training pathway for achieving basic accreditation in focused ultrasound in an intensive care setting.

The concept of ‘core’ or ‘focussed’ ultrasound is that patients are imaged at the bedside as an extension of the clinical examination to either rule critical pathology in or out (usually by asking specific dichotomous questions) or to guide invasive procedures.

The accreditation is endorsed by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and coordinated by the CUSIC Committee on behalf of the Intensive Care Society.

Each module can be completed separately to achieve accreditation in that specific area. The modules include ultrasound guided vascular access, lung ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound and venous ultrasound (DVT).

New modules are being added over time to encompass the whole of Intensive Care Ultrasound.

The learner should complete initial training undertaken through a CUSIC approved course a list of which can be found below via the link. Supervised practice in acquiring and saving images, completion of a logbook with a relevant number of scans reviewed with a mentor, competency within the range of practice and a final 'triggered assessment' carried out by a CUSIC supervisor will allow the learner to apply for accreditation in the relevant module. 

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