Since 1970 the Intensive Care Society has been at the forefront of critical care. We are the proud voice and representatives of all critical care professionals and we are driven to consistently improve critical care.

But we need to do more!

We strive to offer our critical care professionals more educational opportunities, a guiding hand in humanising Intensive Care Units,

better access to vital research funding and much more.

To achieve this we will need help.

The ICS is aiming to raise enough money to undertake these ambitious and crucial projects in 2020.

We cannot do this alone
We need you to help us to improve critical care and most importantly save lives!

If you think you can help us click the box below and start your fundraising journey with the ICS. We are here for you all year round so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Fundraising team by calling 020 7280 4350 or by email here. John Jones


Dr Iain Farquhar

Water polo team