FICE Courses
2019 - 2020



When: 4 (FICE) - 5 (CUSIC) September 2019
Where: Royal Stoke Hospital 
Cost: £150 for 1 day or £250 or 2 Days

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To register, contact Belinda Harrison.

Oxford BSE Level 1 Course


When: Friday 6 September, 2019
Where: Jury's Inn, Oxford

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Severn FICE 


When: Friday 13 September 2019
Where: St Pierre Marriot Hotel, Chepstow

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Wolverhampton Emergency and Critical Care Echocardiography Course


When:  Monday 16 September, 2019
Where: New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton 
Cost: £150 doctors and £125 non-doctors

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To register contact Sarah Birchall 

Birmingham Acute and Critical Care Echocardiography Course


When: 23 (FICE) and 24 (CUSIC) September, 2019
Where: Birmingham Women's Hospital 
Cost: doctors £150 for 1 day or £275 for 2 days
          non-doctors for 1 day or 2 days £250 

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Newcastle Intensive Care Ultrasound


When: 3 (FICE) and 4 (CUSIC) October, 2019
Where: Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle

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FICE @ Frimley


When: Wednesday 16 October, 2019
Where: Frimely Park Hospital 
Lead: Dr Marcus Peck, Intensive Care Society 

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Intensive Care Ultrasound


When: Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October 2019
Where: Shropshire Conference Centre, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
Lead: Dr Ashley Miller
Cost: 1 day £200, 2 days £350

For course and registration details, click here
To download the flyer, please, Click here .

West Suffolk Critical Care Ultrasound Course


When: 4 -5 November, 2019 
Where: West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Cost: 2 days £275 (£250 EOE trainees), 
          1 day £150 (£125 for EOE trainees) 

To book download the flyer and follow the instructions here.

Leicester FICE course


When: Monday 4 November, 2019
Where: College Court Conference Centre
Lead: Dr Gary Lau and Hannah Conway

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PACE Academy 
FICE Course

When:  Thursday 28 November 2019 
Where: Weston Education Centre, London
Lead:   Pace Academy

To register your place email the PACE Academy 

Berkshire Focused Intensive Care Echocardiography (FICE) Course

When: Friday 17 January 2020
Where: Royal Berkshire Hospital
Cost: £250

Download the flyer here
To register please contact Laura Milsom, click here