Message from Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam - Chair of Trustees & President

Help us care for the trauma of all in ICU

Every ICU worker is facing traumas of their own as well as coping with the extremes of a new unknown virus, unprecedented numbers of patients, personal danger of infection, colleagues falling ill and the loss of scores of people in our care. 

We are used to handling pressure. But now we are working in battle zone conditions. We are coming into work each day knowing our own personal experience will be as devastating as it was yesterday and the day before. The post trauma aftermath will be equally difficult to bear.


The Intensive Care Society is the only organisation in the UK that supports all intensive care professionals. We are leaders internationally in identifying and sharing best practice within the intensive care setting. 

Our need is clear; if we cannot provide our ICU professionals with the technical and emotional support that they need, then the ability, availability and effectiveness of ICU staff will be seriously impaired. That is why we are asking for your donations now.

  • To deliver this support through personal counselling, group sessions and on-line resources
  • To understand the need for support through our network of ICUs across the UK
  • To develop an efficient process through which staff can access support

The task is urgent and requires the support and generosity of each of us to look after those who already have, or one day may, look after us and those we love.

Please help us now.

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