Donate today to support your Intensive Care heroes!

The emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic is impacting all of us in an unprecedented manner - and the Intensive Care team is critical in this unpredictable time ahead.

Now more than ever, we all need to come together.

The Intensive Care team is the safety net of the hospital - we care for the sickest patients by providing vital organ support. Up to 11% of those diagnosed with COVID-19 will need intensive care.

Whilst our Intensive Care heroes are at the frontline of this disease, we at the Intensive Care Society have got their back!

Your donations will enable us to provide digital platforms to support the relaying of critical care guidance and information on the management of patients with COVID-19; resources to help sustain wellbeing through this unprecedented time and beyond; care packages to units containing every day items such as nutritious on-the-go snacks and amenities so that teams can have items to sustain them through long hours ....and more!

COVID-19 is a priority to all in Critical Care. As the only multi-professional Critical Care charity in the UK, we are best placed to address the needs of our heroes.

Here are some examples of what the Society has done already

  • Created an emergency national committee dedicated to providing support for patients and staff through COVID-19
  • Produced resources for patients and staff to guide daily treatment and recovery
  • Produced specific COVID-19 self-care posters to complement our existing wellbeing library.

  • But we MUST do more!

    If you want to chat to us more about how you can support, email us: