Legal & Ethical

Legal & Ethical
This interactive seminar will provide clarity and address the real-life legal and ethical problems you face.

Do you want the opportunity to hear legal experts discuss clinical cases that are highly relevant to intensive care? It will be a relatively small audience so you will have plenty of opportunity for discussing the subjects that matter the most to you. This is a rare opportunity to discuss complex legal issues pertinent to critical care with experienced practicing lawyers and the chance should not be missed.


We are proud to present a day packed with a host of fantastic faculty members from the worlds of law, psychiatry and social work. Martin Forde QC is one of the UK’s leading Barristers and has represented the GMC on tribunals and is currently advisor to the Home Secretary. You will probably never have the opportunity to question Martin again.


Are you concerned, as a nurse, about potential litigation or even manslaughter charges if you give the wrong drug and a patient dies? What about if you are a doctor and you miss a particular blood test result or observation and a patient has a terrible outcome? We now have to tell patients about all mistakes. What happens if you tell them and then they sue you?


Delegates from the 2017 Legal and Ethical Seminar described it as the best seminar they had ever attended. This interactive seminar is aimed at anyone working in critical care and will give you the chance to share and discuss all those legal dilemmas you think you have and get some real answers!


You might think you know the law inside and out but now is the time to hear it from the experts!

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14/09/2018 - 14/09/2018

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