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Intensive Care Society & National Guidelines & Standards
Care Of The Critically Ill Woman In Child Birth
ICS & National Guidelines and Standards
Guidance from other organisations por

National Societies
Scottish Intensive Care Society
Welsh Intensive Care Society
Intensive Care Society of Ireland

International Societies
Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society

Regional Newsletters
East of England Critical Care Operational Network
Newsletter May 2018 to Newsletter 1
Newsletter January 2018 to Newsletter 2
Newsletter June 2018 to Newsletter 3

Departmental Guidelines and SOPs
Portsmouth ICU
Northampton Critical Care

Safety and Shared Learning 
ICS & FICM Lessons from safety incidents
Portsmouth ICU Watch out Notices
Safety Checklists for Invasive Procedures (LoCCSIPS and NatSSIPS)
ICS Podcasts
  Critical Care Practitioner Podcasts
Intensive Care Network Podcasts

Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC)
Critical Appraisal Sites
Critical Care Reviews
The Bottom Line
Departmental ICU Websites
Portsmouth ICU
Papworth Anaesthesia

  Regional Websites
Wessex ICS
Association of North Western ICUs



Free Open Access Critical Care Resources

ICM Training
The Intensive Care Network

Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre
Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)
British Dietetic Association 
Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care
Brain Trauma Foundation

NHS England
Adult Critical Care Clinical Reference Group (D05)
Critical Care Minimum Data Set
National Critical Care Capacity Statistics
Briefing note for Emergency Departments – management of suspected Novichok poisonings (July 2018)
Resources to support safer bowel care for patients at risk of autonomic dysreflexia
Diagnosing death using neurological criteria
Resources to support safe and timely management of hyperkalaemia

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