Advisory documents

Local Safety Standard for Invasive Procedures

LocSSIPs are Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures and arise from a framework document produced by NHS Englands Patient Safety Domain and the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIP) group (

Read More In essence this describes a framework to promote safe practice. It aims to build on the positive aspects of the WHO Safer Surgery Check-list acknowledging that check-lists alone are not enough and a team trained in a safety culture with safe practice at the fore of their thinking. The NatSSIP aims to provide a skeleton for the development of LocSSIPs. The thinking being that each institution is different, will have their own approach and that one overarching inflexible, centrally driven dictat for a particular procedure would not work. The NatSSIP outlines the key elements for a LocSSIP, among them: governance, documentation, hand-overs, briefing, procedural verification, and sign in and out.

Peter Bamford and his colleagues have produced sample check-lists under the auspices of the Joint Standards Committee which encompass many, but not all, of the elements required for LocSSIPs. Links to these, and FAQs on LocSSIPs can be found below.
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Management Support Tools

These documents have been created to advise on the management aspect of working in an ICU. We hope they are of use. ​
How to write a Business Case
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Risk Assessment
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Root Cause Analysis
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