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The Intensive Care Society produces guidelines and standards that promote the delivery of the highest quality of critical care to our patients. The production of guidelines and statements of best practice are the responsibility of the ICS Standards, Safety and Quality Committee (SSQ). The work of guideline groups is supported by ICS Head Office staff. The Society does not seek external funding for the production of its guidance.  

To enhance clarity and improve access, guidelines are allocated to one of four sections:

ICS Guidelines: These guidelines are usually written on behalf of the ICS by recognised UK experts in their respective fields. Although these guidelines do not at this time meet NICE Kite Mark Accreditation standard they are nevertheless produced using rigorous evidence based processes and do represent guidance for best practice in UK critical care medicine. They are all endorsed by the ICS.

Each guideline will be designated as either: Active, usually less than 5 years old and representing current best practice; Update In Progress, usually greater than 5 years old and an update is currently in development; or Under Review, usually greater than 5 years old and an update is under consideration.

NICE Kite Marked Guidelines: in time the ICS are intending to produce all guidelines in line with the NICE Kite Mark Accreditation process. This is a time consuming and expensive initiative for the ICS and it therefore should be considered as a long term project.

Other: This section includes high quality guidelines from other organisations which are relevant to critical care medicine. In time it is expected that this section will develop into a large library of relevant guidelines.

Archive: section includes guidelines which have been endorsed by the ICS in the past but are now considered to out of date or not relevant to modern practice.

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