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Focused Intensive Care Echo

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A working group composed of members from the Intensive Care Society (ICS) and the  British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) has been wo
rking to develop a practical solution to training in focused transthoracic echo for adult Intensive Care.

This module is designed to be completed during a 6- 12 month block of training in an appropriate unit, but is open to all practitioners in intensive care medicine. It shares notable similarities with training pathways in other specialties and countries as our aim was to bring together the best of current methods to produce a high-quality programme, reinforced by appropriate governance. This process could not have been possible without input from many other echo trainers across the UK.

The FICE accreditation pack is available via the link below, and describes the practical implementation of the training pathway.  Some key aspects are noted below.

1. The trainee must identify a local mentor at registration. A national database of mentors is available on the ICS Website

2. Once registered, the trainee will attend a FICE-approved basic echo course. Existing courses will be able to apply for approval from the committee via ICS secretariat.

3. The trainee will then complete a logbook of 50 studies, including at least 10 cases directly-supervised by their mentor

4. The mentor will review all 50 studies with the trainee during the module

5. A final “triggered assessment” will be carried out by the mentor and supervisor (when required) towards the end of the module.

6. Current echo trainers and other parties with suitable experience in echocardiography can apply to become a FICE mentor by submission of application form to ICS secretariat. There are no specific accreditation requirements but those without BSE accreditation or equivalent will need a nominated BSE-accredited supervisor to complete the final sign-off.

FICE Committee members

Conn Russell (Chair), Marcus Peck, Nicola Jones, Andy Breen and Robert Orme

Please e-mail if you have any enquiries.

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+44 (0)20 7280 4350

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