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Submission Deadline: Thursday 10th March 2016, 5pm


The research grants of the Intensive Care Foundation are aimed primarily at encouraging new research workers from medically qualified and non-medically qualified professional backgrounds. The definition of “new” is left intentionally open to include applicants in training or recently appointed to a substantive post. A recent substantive appointment would be regarded as being within three years following a consultant/senior lecturer appointment.

The awards are intended to be pump-priming grants that will lead to further and more substantial support from other grant giving bodies. The grants are open to UK Members and Non-Members of the Intensive Care Society; overseas applicants must be ICS members. Equal weighting will be given to high quality clinical research projects and laboratory-based projects that have a relevance to the field of intensive care. Priority for funding will go to those distinct small projects where the “New Investigator” plays a principal role and where the project will build research capacity.

The Foundation has only modest funds available each year and therefore limits the maximum for individual grants to £15,000. The Foundation is recognised as an NIHR portfolio partner and for 2016 has £30,000 available to award.

Submissions should be made to the Research Committee using the application form.

The closing date for consideration of research grants for 2016 is Thursday 10th March, 5PM.

For further details, visit the link below:

Further NIA Details 

Application Form

For any queries please contact

2015 Awardees

Dr Roger Davies Section of Anaesthetics, Pain Medicine and Intensive Care, Imperial College London
Investigation of monocyte immune function and the impact of common ICU medications in sepsis using chemotaxis and migration assays
- £14,815

Dr Ben Creagh-Brown Royal Surrey County Hospital Intensive Care Unit
Repetitive occlusive stimulus (ROS) of the proximal lower limb and muscle wasting in critically ill patients– a pilot study
- £5,000

Dr Charlotte Summers Addenbrookes Hospital Division of Anaesthesia and Critical Care
Defining the role of neutrophils in lung injury and remote organ dysfunction: a pilot study - £15,000

Dr Angela McNelly
Institute of Sports Exercise and Health

Randomised Controlled Trial of Intermittent vs. Continuous Feeding on Skeletal Muscle Wasting in Critical Illness
- £10,185

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