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James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership

Priorities for future intensive care research in the UK
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The Intensive Care Foundation thought it vital that more research is done in critical illness to improve the lives of patients and their families during and after intensive care. This led to a project to identify the priorities for future research in intensive care. 

Despite ongoing research activity in the UK and other countries, there are still many questions about the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of critically ill adults that remain unanswered.  Given that resources for research are limited, it is important for research funders to understand how patients, their families and clinicians prioritise these unanswered questions so that future research can be targeted accordingly.

The Intensive Care Research Priority Setting Partnership aimed to identify and prioritise the unanswered questions about adult intensive care that are important to people who have been critically ill, their friends and relatives, and the health professionals who care for them.

The Foundation coordinated the partnership with the James Lind Alliance, a non-profit initiative of the National Institute of Health Research which provides independent oversight of the project. This in turn, was led by a steering group consisting of representatives of people who have been critically ill, their families and health care professionals.

Why are we doing this?

The priorities can be used to encourage researchers to investigate what is most important to those receiving and providing intensive care. Research funders can then use the list to identify research applications which will answer questions that these groups have agreed are a priority.

The Intensive Care Priority Setting Partnership will also help to increase awareness of why research into critical illness is necessary and important. It will be used to campaign for major funders to invest in critical care research, as there will have been an independent process to identify what research is necessary and relevant.

Through a project that spanned over two years and based on survey methodology and workshop participation, the Intensive Care Priority Setting Partnership produced a list of 12 research priorities for critical care. 


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The JLA Intensive Care PSP gratefully acknowledges the support and contribution of all participating ICUs, and the staff, patients and families who participated in this project. In particular:

JLA Intensive Care PSP Co-ordinators:

Hannah Reay; Stephen Brett

Steering Group Members:
Nishkantha Arulkumaran; Stephen Brett; Tessa Clarke; Catherine Plowright; Mo Peskett; Pam Ramsay; Hannah Reay; Carl Waldmann; Keith Young.

JLA Advisors:
Tessa Clarke; Sheela Upadhyaya; David Crowe; Lester Firkin.

Nominal Group Participants:
Oliver Boney; Irene Francis; Judy Heller; Richard Howard-Griffin; Lauren Maher; Michelle Mantripp; Gary Masterson; Isabel McDonnell; John McDonnell; Jackie McRae; Leanne Metcalf; Sarah Moreton; Mollie Peberdy; William Peberdy; Richard Pugh; Dawn Roe; Harriet Shannon; Ganesh Suntharalingam; David Tanqueray; Tamsin Mary Tanqueray; Julie Walford; The Steering Committee.  

Partners and Supporters:
Intensive Care Foundation (funder)
British Association of Critical Care Nurses

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group
Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Society (ICS) Patients & Relatives Committee

NIHR Critical Care Specialty Group
Scottish Intensive Care Society

British Association of British Dietetics Association (BDA)
Dieticians in Critical Care group

Critical Care Network National Nurse Leads (cc3n)
National Outreach Forum

ICF Research Priority Award Co-ordinators:

Hannah Reay; Nazir Lone; Kenneth Baillie. 

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