Promoting Wellbeing and Reducing the Risk of Burnout in Critical Care

A joint ICS/FICM/BACCN working group.

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State of the Art 2017 Burnout Survey

This short (10 minute) survey will ascertain your experience of burnout & well-being  within the workplace and aid towards research on the topic.

Burnout Group Members List

Peter Brindley - Professor of Critical Care (Alberta), ICS Senior Travelling Fellow 2017
Danny Bryden - Consultant Intensivist, FICM Board
Gareth Cornell - Respiratory physiotherapist, ACPRC, ICS Nursing & AHP Committee
Jonathan Goodall - Consultant Intensivist, FICM Board
John Elmore - Senior nurse, BACCN, ICS Nursing & AHP Committee
Julie Highfield - Clinical Psychologist
Richard Innes - Consultant Intensivist, ICS Council
Ganesh Suntharalingam - Consultant Intensivist, ICS President Elect
Linda-Jayne Mottram - Consulant Intensivist 
Segun Olusanya - ICS Trainee Committee
Jamie Strachan - Chair, ICS Trainee Committee
Steve Mathieu - Consultant intensivist, ICS Council
Laura Vincent - ICS Trainee Committee
Dorothy Wade - Clinical Psychologist, ICS Nursing & AHP Committee
Fiona Wallace - Consultant in ICM (ex-Chair, ICS Trainee Committee)

Consultation draft

Promoting Psychological Wellbeing and Reducing the Risk of Burnout in Critical Care Staff.
A psychological Understanding of Workplace Burnout.

Download the Burnout Consultation Draft here.

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